CSA Unboxing: Week 6

CSA Unboxing: Week 6

We have been enjoying the contents of this week’s box for a few days but I now have time to post about the contents. As Chicago inches towards fall the transition is really reflected in our CSA boxes each week. I think this box is ¾ fall, ¼ summer!

Let’s see what we got…

Mustard Greens

The last time we got mustard greens I was not very successful in using them. Hopefully this week can be redemption. I have tried braising them a few times but they taste watery and just aren’t doing it for me. I need new suggestions!


The green house is cooking, resulting in these lovely greens. I see lots of salads in our future. Last winter I lived off this quinoa, apricot, arugula, chickpea salad from Love & Lemons, it is pure perfection.


I’ve said before, broccoli is a staple of my diet. I am very excited that the temperatures have lowered and I can start roasting it again. I could eat roasted broccoli every night of the week.



I had to google these and found a whole website dedicated to these weird mutant sprouts. Kalettes are a cross between brussles sprouts and kale, which you can clearly tell by looking at the little sprouts. I am very excited to experiment with these. I think I’ll start with roasting but also want to try sautéing them.


Lots and lots of apples. This week we got a mix of three varieties, which is ideal for baking. Using a variety of apples in pies and crisps creates a more interesting combination of flavors and textures. I saw cranberries in the grocery store this week so am thinking I’ll make an apple-cranberry dessert. I love the tart and sweet combination.


I think this will be the last of the corn for the season so we will do our best to savor it!

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is a fun, stringy squash that resembles strands of spaghetti. Will is a little skeptical so my goal this week is to cook it in a way that he likes!


We are going to a tailgate this weekend so I am excited that we got more potatoes. I want to bring a lemon basil potato salad, I think it will be a light addition to the cookout.

Green Beans

So many green beans. I love all types of green beans. One of my favorite ways to eat green beans is my grandmother’s green beans with melted butter and toasted almond slivers. Classic and delicious.


What would you do with all these mustard greens and kalettes? Give me suggestions in the comments!