CSA Unboxing: Week 2

CSA Unboxing: Week 2

It is time for our next CSA box! I have almostttt used all of last week’s box. I tried really hard but still have some beets and cabbage left. I need to start pickling….

The good news is that this week’s box is pretty difference from the last one. No more beets! The bad news is that we are going out of town this week so have less days to use everything. I might put some vegetables in my carry-on to bring to my parents house. that is allowed right?

This week’s box included:


Corn, green beans, and potatoes from thebraveradish.com

6 ears of corn

Guys. What do I do with 6 ears of corn? I will probably freeze some of it. For the rest I am considering corn griddle cakes. I’ve never had them but they look fun! And use corn.

1 lbs red thumb potatoes

They sure do look like thumbs! These should store pretty well so I can wait to use them until we are back. Potatoes are so versatile, they can go in anything!

¾ lbs green beans

Green beans are one of my favorite summer vegetables. I love using green beans in Asian dishes. I used half of them in the kung pao chicken for a really fun, slightly healthier twist on the traditional dish.

4 jalapeños

Jalapeños! I was really excited to see these but don’t quite know what to do with them. We like a good level of heat and make a lot of Mexican and Asian dishes but don’t usually use more than one jalapeño at a time. There is often a piece of jalapeño abandoned in the bottom of the crisper. So the challenge this week is finding a use for four of them!

CSA box from thebraveradish.com

4 “assorted” cucumbers

The CSA email calls them assorted so I’m not sure what type they are but they are quite large. Can you pickle normal cucumbers? Will really likes pickles so I think we’ll have to pickle some. Otherwise I guess some type of Middle Eastern cucumber salad?

large container (quart?) of assorted tomatoes

These tomatoes are beautiful. I think they would be great in a raw tomato pasta sauce because of all the different colors and sizes.


This should keep for a few days while we are away too.

CSA box from thebraveradish.com

8 apples

I think these apples are a great candidate for my carry-on bag. Apples are fairly durable, don’t need to be refrigerated, and will be fun to incorporate into a baked good with my Mom.

4 bell peppers

For some reason when I saw these peppers I thought kung pao chicken. I made an amazing kung pao chicken right after picking up the box and will be posting the recipe later this week!

2 candy onions

I don’t know why they are called candy but I guess they are sweet! I still have an onion left from last the last box too. I am eying a stuffed onion recipe from the Plenty cookbook by Ottolenghi so maybe I will finally get to try it!

2 lbs carrots

These are a lot of carrots. I made a really good roasted carrot recipe from Cookie and Kate, link below, last winter so might have to bring that out again or do some other play on spiced carrots.

Here are some links to recipes using the CSA ingredients that inspire me:

Corn Griddle Cakes from NYTimes


Roasted Carrots with Farro and Chickpeas from Cookie and Kate


Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi


Carrot and Tomato Tagiatelle by Love and Lemons



Let me know what you would do with all of this corn and cucumbers in the comments!