CSA Unboxing: Week 3

CSA Unboxing: Week 3

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! I was out of town most of last week so I am playing catch-up both with my CSA boxes and posting recipes. I have a backlog of recipes to type up and post! We also still have potatoes, carrots, and jalapenos left from last week’s box. It is always hard balancing using the fun new things from the box and making sure we use the older veggies too.

While I try to get through the backlog, it is time for CSA box number 3! This week’s box has a number of new fruits and veggies we haven’t had yet this year so I am excited for all of the possibilities.

This week’s box includes:

Tomatoes, Japanese Eggplants, Kohlrabi, and Apples from thebraveradish.com.

Assorted Tomatoes

Lots and lots of tomatoes! Probably at least a pint of mixed cherry tomatoes and the large yellow tomatoes, plus a large red tomato. I just posted a raw tomato sauce recipe this weekend so I will have to find some new ways to use them. I think we’ll make some raw salads and somehow pair the tomatoes with corn.


More corn. I hate to say it, but corn does not inspire me. Luckily, corn is all over the food blogs. One of my favorite bloggers, Love and Lemons, posted a corn rundown today so I’ll have to try one of her suggestions. I ended up freezing all of the corn from the last box before I left on vacation so I’ll be sure to use this week’s corn fresh.


Kohlrabi is really scary looking but tastes delicious! Kohlrabi is somewhere between cabbage and broccoli. The flavor is sort of a mild cabbage but more of the texture of a parsnip. Apparently you can eat the leaves too! The only recipe I have used kohlrabi for is the root vegetable slaw from Ottolenghi that I made for a picnic a few weeks ago. So time to expand our horizons and find new uses for kohlrabi.

Zestar Apples

The email from our CSA described these apples as “tasty sweet and tart apples with a light texture.” Sounds like they are great for eating raw! Maybe some apple kohlrabi salads?

Potatoes, Red cabbage, Melon, Shishito peppers, and Corn from thebraveradish.com.

Shishito Peppers

I am really excited for these peppers! They say that 1 in 10 shishito peppers are spicy. The rest are a mild pepper. I am hoping we can have some friends over, roast them up, and look for the spicy ones!

Japanese Eggplant

Last time we got eggplant I debated between an Asian recipe or Italian. I ended up trying an Italian recipe so am excited to see I now have an opportunity to try an Asian route! Japanese eggplants are supposed to have thinner skins than traditional so are best suited for stir-fries and sautés.


The CSA email said we would be getting a “tropical melon” so I have no idea what variety it is. It kind of looks like a honeydew? Maybe? I am definitely not skilled in melon identification excited to cut it open and see what it is!


German Butterball potatoes to be exact. From what I have read, these potatoes are a little waxy and great boiled, roasted, mashed, and fried. So many options!

Red Cabbage

I have a confession: we are still eating that giant Napa cabbage from a few weeks ago. I keep expecting it to start to go bad but it still looks great! Cabbage keeps for quite awhile. So, it might be time to retire the Napa and move on to the red cabbage.


Are any of these ingredients new to you? What would you make with this box? Let me know in the comments!