CSA Unboxing: Week 5

CSA Unboxing: Week 5

This week’s box further proves that Fall is upon us. However, Chicago weather has decided to give us a September heat wave so it is too hot to roast or anything or really cook for that matter! Luckily, fall produce all means produce that keeps longer so I might hide some of this away until it cools off next week.

In this week’s box we received:

Red Kale

The first kale of the fall! I love using kale for healthier burrito bowls and salads. I am also a huge sucker for kale chips. When I feel like I should be healthy but don’t really want to, I add kale to everything.


Have you noticed I put garlic in everything? These cute little heads won’t last long in our house!


Three big multicolored tomatoes. I want to use some of them for raw dishes, like bruschetta, since it won’t be long until we are stuck with canned tomatoes.

Rainbow carrots

Beautiful multi-colored carrots; perfect for roasting. One of my favorite recipes for roasted carrots is this one from Cookie and Kate.


Lots and lots of apples. This week I am determined to bake with the apples instead of just eat them. I love apple pie and everything baked apple. I remember at least one birthday when I had apple pie instead of cake.

Fingerling Potatoes

These are some silly knobby fingerlings. Perfect for roasting.

Green Beans

These green beans look thin and beautiful. Last time we got green beans I used them in my More-Veggie Kung Pao Chicken. I liked that recipe so much that I think I’ll be making it again this week.

Candy onions

Judging from the name, I think these are a sweet onion. I don’t usually worry about whether I am using sweet onions vs. Spanish vs. white unless I am serving them raw though. They are all onions to me and will taste delicious sautéed into everything.

Mixed braising greens

The CSA email from the farm says these are mixed braising greens, however they don’t look as hearty as I expected. Looks like arugula and mustard greens etc. I guess we are going to be doing some braising this week.


The farmer reported that they are growing greens in the greenhouse this fall so we should expect more leafy greens, which is exciting since we haven’t seen greens in a month or two. Will likes putting greens on his sandwiches so he was excited to see the arugula.

Yellow peppers

I love sweet yellow peppers. I’m sure we’ll find a good use for these.


What are you cooking this Fall? Send me your ideas in the comments.