My name Rachel and I currently live in Chicago, IL with my partner Will. I would say I am a self-taught cook, but really I learned to cook and a love of food from my parents, aunts, and grandparents. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved hanging out in the kitchen and helping the cook. Growing up in Vermont meant that we had regular access to local produce, whether it was from the garden my Mom once maintained, the local farmers market or various stints in CSA membership.

Age 4, covered in cake batter

To aid in my cooking and baking adventures, my aunt sewed me an apron with a radish on it. That apron is the inspiration for the title of this blog.

As a child I was a picky eater. In middle school I would make myself plain pasta with cheese while my Mom made dinner for the rest of the family. Now, I am proud to say that I have shaken most of the last remaining picky habits, except maybe raw fish.

For years I have been dutifully following cookbooks as a very competent home cook. However, I am increasingly noticing that instead of following the recipe as written, I have 5 tabs open on my web browser at once as I mix and match parts of recipes. This has inspired me to start writing down my favorite recipes in the form of this blog.

I love vegetables, but not quite as much as I love pizza. I can’t guarantee every recipe here will be healthy, but hopefully the healthy will outweigh the not! My philosophy is everything in moderation but sometimes you just really want to eat French fries and pie, and that is okay!

Thank you for reading!